(January 22, 2007 Spokane, WA) The Pizza Pipeline announces massive changes that are already underway in each of its sixteen locations. The chain declares that it is no longer going to be a simple or basic style pizza franchise, but instead is making the move to a more up-scale-style restaurant, offering gourmet pizzas and side dishes in addition to the traditional three-topping, cheese-covered pie. The change will include a complete makeover of its modern menu along with a convoy of cosmetic cues inside each of its restaurants to change the look, feel, and taste of their slice of the industry. 
The new cuisine is to include an array of combination gourmet foods from all four corners of the world in a variety of new dishes such as “A Taste of Sicily,” which combines sun-dried tomatoes with salami and pepperoni among black olives and mushroom slices atop a customized crust of spiced dough and one of eight distinct sauces. Another recipe combines teriyaki chicken and pineapple with cashews and cream cheese to create the enticing new Oriental Chicken Pizza.
The restaurants’ appearances are being made-over to match with The Pizza Pipeline’s new style and are being outfitted with new posters and signs to complement the cuisine.

The Pizza Pipeline is looking to add a new edge to the pizza industry by combining its established presence in the market with fresh ideas and concepts in order to create a new standard in the consortium of similar pizza companies and is looking to emerge as a leader in gourmet Italian cuisine while still maintaining profitability for their franchises.
The innovative menu just recently began to be incorporated by The Pizza Pipeline’s franchises in the New Year and the restaurant’s changeover has already started to take place. As a distinctive piece of the pizza chain business, The Pizza Pipeline is taking gourmet to a new level, beginning with the opening of a new store in Airway Heights just outside Spokane, Washington. Pizza Pipeline is always promoting the growth of the industry and is constantly seeking new franchisees, as it is apparent that the business is doing very well in this market.
The restaurant offers a selection of over 25 unique toppings and eight original sauces in addition to an array of appetizers and is one of the only pizza companies to continue to offer free soda and free delivery. Established in 1988, this restaurant franchise houses its corporate office in Spokane, Washington, and has locations in Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington including a new store that recently opened in Airway Heights.

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