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You'll Have to Show Some ID to Buy This Beer-Infused Pizza

If you want to order this pizza from Sano Pizza in Dublin, Ireland, you’ll have to show some ID.

For International Beer and Pizza Day on October 9, the restaurant formulated a unique dough infused with beer—specifically, a microbrew called 12 O’Clock Mass IP produced in Tipperary.

The pizza could only be ordered for one day through Deliveroo, and customers had to produce an ID to buy it.

“We’re delighted to have partnered with Sano Pizza to produce a delicious treat of high-quality pizza with Irish-brewed beer for International Beer and Pizza Day," said Deliveroo general manager Liam Cox in a statement. "Whether customers want to quell the budget fear with a slice of indulgence or just want to enjoy a new and limited lunchtime treat, beer-infused pizza is the top choice.”