Yes, Wood Stone Builds Custom Ovens

The Designer Series by Wood Stone


Bellingham, WA, April 8, 2009 – The Wood Stone Corporation is excited to introduce a fully customizable stone hearth oven line dedicated to achieving the designer’s vision, the Designer Series.


The Designer Series stone hearth oven provides Wood Stone’s legendary performance and reliability in a flexible package offering unparalleled possibilities for those desiring a customized oven to fit their needs.


The foundation of the Designer Series is its multi-component modular construction. This allows the capability to integrate a variety of options such as additional oven openings, viewing windows, and oven mounted Charbroilers.


“Foodservice designers are looking for products that will enhance their visual presentation. Our new Designer Series allows them to create any shape or size oven and introduce additional design elements while not compromising production,” says Merrill Bevan, Wood Stone’s International Sales Manager.


The Designer Series utilizes Wood Stone’s signature 4-inch thick, single piece, monolithic cast ceramic floor for superior heat retention and durability. The stone hearth oven modules also integrate a thermostatically controlled infrared burner mounted under the floor which ensures constant floor temperatures.


The insulated wall and ceiling panels are made with the same cast ceramic as our other ovens. The dense high temperature ceramic formulation of the floor, wall and ceiling panels creates a “deep heat sink” within the chamber of the oven.


“Our competitors can no longer claim to be the only creators of a custom stone hearth oven line. If a customer has a vision; we are committed to engineering a solution that gives them both the show they want and the performance they need,” says Keith Carpenter, Wood Stone’s President.


The Wood Stone Corporation, based in Bellingham, WA, is the world’s leading supplier of stone hearth ovens, tandoors, rotisseries and broilers. Wood Stone equipment is featured in over 8,000 locations and in 70 plus countries. For more information about Wood Stone products, please visit our website: or call (800) 988-8103.