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xRobotics: Installing the xPizzaCube Pizza-Making Robot

More pizzeria operators around the country are discovering the xPizza Cube, which can save them up to $7,258 per month.

The xPizza Cube from xRobotics is a collaborative pizza-making robot designed and manufactured in San Francisco, California. The xPizza Cube is known for its compact size, maximum product output of 150 pizzas per hour and easy installation process. And it knows how to make great pizza—it’s so versatile, it can work with any ingredients and reproduce any client’s recipe and topping distribution.

Some of the key benefits of the xPizza Cube include:

  • Max savings per month of $7,258 (both labor and food costs)
  • Max increase in hourly product output from 50 to 110 pizzas/hour after installation
  • Max food waste reduction (mainly cheese) of $1,110/monthly

XRobotics’ customers vary from independent stores to large pizza chains and universities. Pizzeria owners have been asking to see a video of real store installations of the xPizza Cube pizza-making machine. Check out the video compilation and some of the previews below. And contact Alena at alena@xrobotics.io to find out about special pricing for the last batch of 2023 robots!