• In a collaboration with 1FIIT Technology and Fresh Ideas Food Management, xRobotics’ xPizza Cube has been introduced at Missouri Valley College.
  • Chris Albrecht, publisher of OttOmate, says the xPizza Cube makes the pizza-making process “dead simple and easy.”

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Students in Marshall, Missouri, took a step into a Star Trek-like future recently when xRobotics, maker of the xPizza Cube, deployed its pizza robot at Missouri Valley College in a collaboration with 1FIIT Technology and Fresh Ideas Food Management.

The xPizza Cube is a compact, countertop pizza-making machine that can produce between 100 and 300 cheese and pepperoni pizzas in an hour. It can work with any type of shredded or diced cheese and sauce and automatically slices the pepperoni fresh as the pie is being made.

Fresh Ideas Food Management, a client of 1FIIT Technology, is a foodservice management company that serves colleges, universities, K-12 schools, corporations and senior living communities in the Midwest, South and Southeast. 1FIIT Technology provides innovative technology solutions to its clients.

“What is great about this solution is that it can be used in the front of the house as well in the back of the house and training is a breeze due to no pizza-making skills necessary to produce top-quality consistent pizzas.” said Robert Love, president of 1FIIT Technologies.

Video: Watch the xPizza Cube pizza robot in action

XRobotics was founded in 2019 and is backed by SOSV, a global venture capital firm that operates early-stage startup development programs.

“To our knowledge, this is the first publicly announced installation of the Pizza Cube,” noted Chris Albrecht in the latest edition of OttOmate, a digital publication that tracks the progress of foodservice automation and robotics companies. In March, Albrecht wrote, “There are lots of great pizza topping robots out there, but xRobotics makes the process dead simple and easy to use. Set it on a counter, push a few buttons and bing-bong—you’ve got pizza. What I like about the Pizza Cube is that it can turn any restaurant, grocery store, convenience store, bar or whatever into a pizzeria. Sure, you still need an oven to cook the pizzas if you want (and I’m not dismissing that out of hand), but the act of offering fresh pizza no longer requires a makeline or skilled workers to assemble them, and the robot is being offered at an affordable price.”

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