Charlotte, NC: February 12, 2007 — XPIENT Solutions, a leading supplier of technology solutions to the QSR, family dining and fast casual markets announced plans to interface its IRIS (Intelligent Restaurant Information Systems) point-of-sale (POS) application with Hyperactive Technologies’ HyperActive Bob kitchen management system. HyperActive Bob uses advanced vision technology to count the numbers of cars driving onto the restaurant property. It then creates highly accurate, predictive preparation instructions for the restaurant kitchen staff. The interface delivers the POS data that HyperActive Bob needs to make accurate predictions of the sales that will be generated by cars coming onto the property. In the future, XPIENT also plans to provide an interface to DriveTime™ the Company’s speed of service measurement solution. This will further improve the accuracy of HyperActive Bob by enabling it to distinguish between cars coming into the drive-thru and cars whose occupants will be eating in the store.
“We are excited about integrating with HyperActive Bob because it brings another dimension to speed of service and quality of experience in the quick service and fast casual market,” said Christopher Sebes, Chief Executive Officer of XPIENT Solutions. “HyperActive Bob offers a very innovative technology that we believe can provide a high degree of value by eliminating much of the guesswork that restaurants face today in predicting demand.” Joe Porfeli, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HyperActive Technologies said: “The integration with IRIS is a major milestone for our company because of XPIENT’s position as the technology innovator in the POS market and its strong reputation for listening to and meeting the needs of its customers. In particular, future integration with XPIENT’s DriveTime speed of service measurement technology will enable HyperActive Bob to make more accurate predictions of demand.”
Bob’s vision technology “sees” car traffic entering the property, analyzes that visual data in conjunction with historical and real-time POS data, and directs kitchen employees in real-time on what, when, and how much to cook. Bob brings a discipline to front-line efforts because of its ability to make smart, controlled real-time decisions. Because food is prepared in smaller amounts at more regular increments, kitchen hold times are shorter and food quality and speed of service are improved. The kitchen cooks more precise amounts of food based on predicted demand so little or no food is wasted. Customers experience fresh, hot food with short wait times so they return more frequently.
IRIS point-of-sale allows users to create and maintain menus, handles complex discount scenarios, traces cash from point of order to point of deposit, tracks time and attendance, and provides automatic end of day processing. DriveTime™ a new, non-proprietary methodology that interfaces with the loop detectors to enable a dramatic improvement with speed of service measurements, making it possible to understand the various elements of an individual customer’s speed of service experience. This system can also be fully integrated to the point-of-sale system. Leading-edge features offered by IRIS’ enhanced productivity modules such as SecureAlerts, Visual Dashboard and Real-Time Alerts provide management with a wide range of information to improve decision making.
About HyperActive Technologies
HyperActive Technologies is a world leader in applying predictive and automated solutions to the operations, management and reporting challenges faced by Quick Serve and Fast Casual restaurants. For more information about HyperActive Technologies, please visit
About XPIENT Solutions, LLC.
XPIENT Solutions is an organization of highly qualified restaurant and software development specialists devoted to business process improvement and professional support services for the foodservice industry. XPIENT offers a full complement of integrated technologies including Point-of-Sale, Back Office and Enterprise Management. From applications that help efficiently take orders and improve kitchen throughput, to labor management, production prep, inventory control, customer loyalty, speed of service, surveillance enhancement and data management tools, XPIENT’s solution suite allows the restaurant operator to better and more easily manage every aspect of their restaurant operations.
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