Pizza Mann Gets Marketing Director and Marketing Direction

Pizza Mann with it's new headquarters on Pizza Mann Street in Traun Austria has recreated it's marketing look under the leadership of Marketing Director Manfred Mayer. The successful Kid's club started in 1996 just welcomed it's 10,000th member. 100-200 new members sign up each week system wide.

And recently Pizza Mann implemented two innovative promotions that tested some new areas of potential. The "Kung Fu Biting" campaign and the "Tex Mex" promotion. After it was all said and done, the Tex Mex Promo out performed the Kung Fu Biting Promo by about 2- 1. The Tex Mex Pizza was a natural for the Austrian Market as Austrians are already used to having corn as a topping. The toppings included on the Tex Mex are Beans, Corn, Peppers, Green Peppers and Onions. It is powered with the use of Tabasco sauce to give it it's special kick. Each customer is given a tiny bottle of Tabasco to add to the pizza according to their liking.