World Champion Pizza Maker to Launch Detroit Style Pizza Co.

(Press Release) Detroit, MI, May 10, 2012-World Champion Pizza Maker Shawn Randazzo will continue his history-making streak this summer when he launches the new Detroit Style Pizza Co. at two metro Detroit locations. The community is invited to enjoy free menu item samples and learn more about Detroit Style Pizza Co. at two official Grand Opening events to be held mid-summer 2012.

Detroit Style Pizza Co. will feature Randazzo’s authentic and original Detroit Style Pizza recipe, which was named World’s Best Pizza in the American Pan Division at the 2012 International Pizza Challenge held in Las Vegas, where Randazzo was also crowned World Champion Pizza Maker of the Year. Detroit Style Pizza Co. will also serve a variety of fresh and unique dishes and ingredients, including a Chicken Caesar pizza, fresh baby green toppings, pasta with signature sauces and meatballs. Randazzo’s recipe was recently featured on “Let’s Dine Out,” the popular program hosted by renowned television and radio food critic Allan Borgen.

Randazzo and his mother, Linda Michaels, decided to launch their own restaurant brand after owning and operating Cloverleaf Pizza Carryout and Delivery for 16 years. Detroit Style Pizza Co. will be located at 28630 Harper Ave. in St. Clair Shores and at 40750 Garfield Road in Clinton Township, both former Cloverleaf locations. Customers can order in person, by phone, or online for local delivery; or by mail order for delivery in the entire continental United States.

“Winning World Champion Pizza Maker was a wake-up call for us. We knew we had something bigger and better, a recipe that was so unique it deserved its own brand,” said Randazzo. “We’re grateful for the recognition and our incredible customers who have enjoyed our pizza, and we look forward to continuing to serve them as we write a new chapter in Detroit Style Pizza’s history.”

Sometimes called “red top pizza” or “upside-down pizza” for the way it is made, Randazzo’s Detroit Style Pizza starts with a well-seasoned blue steel square pan filled with dough that is soft and airy on the inside, yet crispy on the outside; then is lined with pepperoni and an edge-to-edge layer of brick and mozzarella cheeses that caramelize on the crust when baked. The pie is layered with toppings then naturally baked in a deck oven to seal in flavor and enhance texture. Once baked, Randazzo’s signature red sauce is ladled on top of the finished pizza.

“The Detroit Style Pizza Co. recipe is unique yet retains traditional Motor City authenticity. It’s the perfect food for making cherished memories with family and friends,” said Randazzo. “We want to share our new recipe with the world, because it can be as big as or bigger than Chicago or New York style pizza. It’s up to us to tell the world, and my mission is to make sure every person gets to enjoy Detroit Style Pizza Co.”