reports, “Ma""dison’s own Ian’s Pizza, tasty as it is, probably wouldn’t have shipped to Manhattan very well.”

“But that didn’t stop local public employees from sending some slices of solidarity to the Occupy Wall Street protesters this week. Members of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees in Wisconsin donated money to Liberatos Pizza, two blocks from Wall Street, to help fuel the anti-corporate occupation. ‘We sent a contribution of $250, so out there that probably buys one and a half pizzas,’ joked AFSCME’s Bob Allen.”

“People all over the world donated money for seemingly endless amounts of Ian’s Pizza for the crowds at the state Capitol protesting against Gov. Scott Walker and his plan to strip most collective bargaining rights from nearly all public workers in Wisconsin. ‘We were grateful for all the support that came to Wisconsin from around the world, and we wanted to help our brothers and sisters in New York City,’ said Tim Birkley, an AFSCME Local 60 member who works for the city of Madison. ‘It’s an important act, a show of solidarity for a shared cause.”

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