Wood Stone Introduces the Fire Deck Automatic 9660 Oven

Wood Stone Corporation, a leading manufacturer of stone hearth and specialty commercial cooking equipment, has officially launched the Fire Deck Automatic 9660 stone hearth oven, complete with updated smart controls, improved heat management and a new burner design.

The user-friendly, high-production FA 9660 oven, with full-featured touchscreen and smart controls, delivers the firepower and throughput that fast-casual pizza operators need to produce more consistent, quality pizzas per hour while requiring less training for their labor force. The new burner design prevents debris from entering the burner well, and the patented Debris Mantle is designed for easy crumb and debris collection. This combination creates a debris management system that virtually eliminates downtime and service calls!

“We designed the new Fire Deck Automatic 9660 with our fast-casual pizza customers in mind. The combination of smart controls and a new burner design provides a tangible ROI for our customers that want to simplify operations and reduce service costs,” says Michael Quinn, VP of Global Sales.

Product Manager Dean Tryon adds, “By automating the heat management in our FA 9660, we have greatly simplified the training required to master our Fire Deck oven.”

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