Woman allegedly makes bomb threat over bad pizza

Apparently there are worse things than Yelp reviews.

According to Masslive, when a Connecticut woman's son complained about the pizza she ordered, she picked up the phone, called the pizzeria and told them he didn't like it and said she was going to blow them up.

"West Side Pizza and several others businesses around it on Cromwell Avenue in Rocky Hill were evacuated as police and firefighters searched the restaurant for the bomb the woman said she left there," Mass Live said. "The businesses were shut down for about half-an hour at about 5:30 p.m. Friday. No bomb was found police said and no one was injured. The caller did not leave her name before hanging up the phone, and Rocky Hill Police Det.Roy Bombaci is looking for any information anyone may have about the incident. He can be contacted at 860-258-7640."

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