With plastic gift cards, you can finally stop giving away your pizza for free to local nonprofits!


How often are you asked to give away your pizza for FREE for an organization raising funds? Donating pizza directly to an event or giving away gift certificates is sure to get a positive response from the community, but a lot of independents can’t bear the financial hit. “Many pizzerias can’t afford to give out free product,” says Mike Hallahan, president of PSI Plastic Cards. “Plastic gift cards have a perceived higher value than paper, and that allows business owners to sell them in bulk to fundraising organizations, which can turn around and resell them at a higher price.” 

For example, if the high school band is raising funds for a trip, a pizza store owner might sell the band 300 cards or key tags with a special offer on it. If the band buys them for $10 and sells them at $20 each, they can quickly make the money they need without the owner having to take a loss. This way of giving back to the community generates good karma with the locals and effectively sends an army of marketeers out to find new customers for you. 

Rather than having customers keep up with a paper card to get stamped each time in hopes of reaching a milestone, why not reward your customers with a discount when they commit to buying several pizzas and paying upfront for them? The customer will be happy to get a deal, and you will come away with guaranteed sales.

Plastic cards and key tags are functional for keeping points or other remaining balances. PSI has developed an app, available in the Apple Store and Google Play, which works with QR codes to load more money onto customers’ accounts and/or check their balance. Using digital information makes it easier to collect customers’ information, such as their email address, while they’re always carrying your brand in their wallet or on their keys. “There is value in a loyal customer,” Hallahan says. “You have to give them a reason to come back. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they go try someplace new?”

For the independent looking to support its community, plastic gift or loyalty cards are a great way to do it. PSI has been helping pizza businesses like Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s and CiCi’s get more repeat customers with plastic cards and key tags for 25 years. Contact them at 800-489-0048 or visit