With Pizza Huts Closed, Other Pizzerias Vy For Business

According to Nola.com, “This time last year Erica Young, a makeup artist at Paris Parker Salon Uptown, was cheering for the Saints in the Super Bowl and enjoying pepperoni and sausage pizzas from Pizza Hut two and three times a week.”

“But during Super Bowl 2011 she won’t be able to do either of those things, thanks to the abrupt ending to the Saints season and the sudden shuttering of all 11 New Orleans-area Pizza Hut locations last month. Instead, she’ll be rooting for the Green Bay Packers and will more than likely be getting pizza “from some other place,” said the Pizza Hut fanatic, whose taste buds were dealt a double blow when her Uptown lunch location on Prytania Street and her dinner location on Chateau Boulevard in Kenner both closed. ‘We were pissed. We went there all the time. It was delicious, affordable, and it was convenient. I can’t say the service was good. They always had good deals though,’ she said. A dispute over royalty payments between the franchisee and Pizza Hut’s corporate office resulted in the closures. Dallas-based Pizza Hut has said it plans to spend at least $10 million building new restaurants in New Orleans and Baton Rouge over the next 18 months to replace the locations that closed.”