Here's a cautionary promotion "don't" for election week. Three not-so-with-it town officials in Neenah, Wisconsin, were advised to cease and desist after appearing in ads for Broken Tree Pizza that ran in a Fox Cities newspaper in recent months. reports Mayor Dean Kaufert, Fire Chief Al Auxier and Alderwoman Cari Lendrum were photographed holding a pizza with their names and government titles identified in ads in the Scene, a Fox Cities monthly. Auxier is wearing a polo shirt with the Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue logo. Neenah City Attorney Jim Godlewski may enjoy Broken Tree Pizza's brick oven, wood-fired pies, but he put the stop to the unpaid endorsements after learning about the ads last week. "It's a matter of good practice not to be advocating for a specific business because who do you say 'yes' to, and who do you say 'no' to?" Godlewski says. "I advised them not to do it again."

Find out what consequences, besides facing their constituents, are in store for the ​political publicity hounds.

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