Wireless Data Logger Now Available to Restaurant Managers Monitoring Food Storage and Serving Areas’ Temperature and Humidity

For Immediate Release
December 7, 2007

( www.dicksondata.com)  Dickson’s Wireless Wizard™, the world’s first fully
reliable wireless data logger, is now available to restaurant managers
monitoring food storage and serving areas’ temperature and/or humidity, in a
30-day no obligation trial offer.  Dickson’s Wireless Wizard data loggers
can be monitored in real-time from a desktop PC or other computer
workstation and totally eliminate the delays for data downloading and
cumbersome cabling of other temperature and humidity data logger technology.

Dickson Wireless Wizard special features that are expected to matter most to
restaurants include:

Real-time alarms of out-of-range conditions right at users’ workstations.

Up to 9-Day data backup storage with failsafe Dickson Data-Keep™

If data transmission is blocked, the transmitter stores data for up to 9
days and alerts users immediately at their desktop to re-test and
re-establish network conditions.

Easy setup and network monitoring with WIZARD SIGNAL SENSOR™

This handheld signal sensor lets users complete logger setup in just minutes
and check the signal strength of loggers’ wireless connections at any point
in a facility.  Users set up loggers once and never have to move them.

Easy-to-use software manages all loggers from one desktop.

Changes sampling rates, alarms, data display options, wireless network
configuration, data transmission frequency, and more with just a few clicks.

Graphical display of real-time temperature and humidity data.

Shows min/max and current conditions, battery level, and more with one-click
interchange of table or graph data display.


Details on Dickson’s Wireless Wizard can be found at
http://www.dicksondata.com/product/model_WH120.php or product inquiries can
be directed to Dickson customer service at 800 – 757 – 3747, FAX 630 – 543 –
0498 or by writing Dickson, 930 South Westwood Avenue, Addison, IL 60101,

Dickson Company and its web portal www.dicksondata.com offer the world’s
widest selection of data loggers and chart recorders to monitor temperature,
humidity, pressure, or electronic signals.  Product inquiries can also be
sent to chris@dicksondata.com .