Winning Delivery at Iowa Speedway Pizza Ranch to Sponsor Victory Lane Through 2013

“Pizza Ranch, the popular Midwest pizza and chicken buffet restaurant, has renewed its sponsorship of Pizza Ranch Victory Lane and will continue to deliver a winning pizza to every driver who visits it at Iowa Speedway through the 2013 season. ‘We are extremely proud of the fact that we have helped create a tradition at Iowa Speedway,’ said Cody Pierce, vice president of marketing for Pizza Ranch. ‘Everyone knows there will be pizza after the race. From fans and teams to drivers and series officials, everyone enjoys this delivery after the race.’ According to Chuck Spicer, vice president of sales and marketing at Iowa Speedway, Pizza Ranch, which came on board in 2009 as Victory Lane sponsor, has brought a ton of life to the entire fan walk.

‘“Pizza Ranch has helped make this area of our facility a must-attend spot during event weekends,’said Spicer. ‘Engaging the fan, always pushing the experience higher is our main goal as an entertainment venue. Pizza Ranch has been instrumental in helping us with that.’ Pizza Ranch Victory Lane lets a fan get right in the celebration with the winning team.”