According to a report from, students at Willard Middle School in Berkeley, Calif. showed off their newest invention.
The article said, “At six-feet tall, five-feet wide and four-feet deep, the outdoor clay oven was perhaps one of the most exciting projects the sixth- and seventh-graders had got their hands—and feet—on in a while.”
Over a period of two months, 300 students worked with sand, water, and lots of stomping clay to bring their newest pizza oven idea to life, the report said.
“It was Sofia’s idea,” said Willard garden teacher Matt Tsang. He said seventh-grade president Sofia Eseudero was responsible for the project, the article said.
The report stated: “Sofia quickly credits the idea to Mr. Dohrer, her history teacher.”
“Mr. Dohrer helped me to come up with the idea of a pizza oven. We were wondering what to do with the Wells Fargo grant and an oven seemed like a good investment,” she said in the article. “I think this will be a more permanent addition to the school, something to add to the garden and the nutrition projects.”
The article said, “Willard is the only school in the district that has a clay oven made by students.”
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