Will Pizza Oust Steak As Argentina’s Favorite Dish?

""BBC.co.uk reports, “Steak’s days as the favourite dish for Argentines when they eat out could be numbered.”

“Its main rival, the pizza, is mounting a strong challenge to be the most popular gastronomic option in the capital, Buenos Aires. According to a recent study done by the Buenos Aires city government, the number of pizza restaurants is growing so fast that they could overtake the amount of steak houses in the next two years. There are currently 650 pizzerias in the capital and 780 steak houses, or ‘parrillas’ as they are known locally. ‘We found a growing interest from investors and business people in the pizza segment of the dining out market. So we believe that they will keep multiplying all over the city,’ says Monica Kapusta, a city official who was involved in the research.”