Will Pizza Delivery Chains Cry, ‘Curse You, Red Baron’?

According to the New"" York Times, “A brand of frozen pizza is getting tough with the people who deliver pizzas to consumers’ homes.”

“Red Baron pan pizza, sold by the Schwan Consumer Brands unit of the Schwan Food Company, will begin a campaign on Wednesday that takes a bold stance against delivery pizza. The campaign, by an agency in St. Louis named Cannonball, is going to be waged online rather than on television. Red Baron and Cannonball plan a series of six webisodes, featuring the comedian Howie Mandel, who is perhaps best known for hosting the TV game show ‘Deal or No Deal.’ Not surprisingly, the campaign riffs off the Mandel game show connection, declaring that Red Baron pan pizza is the “real deal” compared with delivery pizza on attributes like taste, quality, speed and cost. The campaign is another example of how when the economy gets tough, Madison Avenue gets tough, too, unleashing a spate of negative advertising.”