Will Calorie Counts Share Real Estate on Fast-Food Menus? Capitol’s First Fast-Food Quiz Could Hold the Answer

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–California Center for Public Health Advocacy:

WHAT:     Do Californians really need calorie counts on fast-food menu
boards? Proponents of Senate Bill 120, California's
nutritional labeling law are staging a fast-food quiz show
at the State Capitol to answer that question. Leading
advocates, physicians and politicians will dramatically make
their case as the Governor decides the fate of this simple
obesity prevention legislation.

SB 120 would require all large restaurant chains with 15 or
more locations to post nutritional information on their
menus and menu boards. If signed, California would become
the first state in the nation to require such information.

WHERE: California State Capitol
Governor's Press Room, Room 1190
Sacramento, California

WHEN: Wednesday, October 3, 2007, 10 a.m.

WHY: Health experts across the country have identified
nutritional menu labeling as a primary strategy to address
the obesity crisis affecting 60 percent of California
adults. SB 120, an important obesity prevention strategy,
would reduce health care costs and is supported by
84 percent of Californians.

WHO: Speakers:
-- Mark DeSaulnier - California State Assembly Member,
11th District
-- Dr. Glenna Trochet - Sacramento County Health Officer and
President of the California Conference of Local Health
-- Lupe Alonzo-Diaz - Latino Coalition for a Healthy
California (Spanish Speaking)

-- McDonald's and Denny's entrees are put to the test as the
public does its best to choose the low-calorie option
-- What's the future going to look like? Watch as the
fast-food menu board of tomorrow, complete with calorie
counts, is unveiled
-- Interview ops with leading health proponents

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