Why Would a Self-Professed Carnivore Choose to Go Vegan?

A lot of people may ask, beyond the reasons given in the initial introduction, why I would do this? Basically, curiosity.

The radio show inspiration is true. I really thought at first: Would I take that bet? Then I wondered if I could even win that bet. After much thought, of course, yes. You can do anything for 30 days. In between this revelation and deciding the length of the journey, I got to thinking about the industry’s point of view as well, or at least how I could make this interesting or even worth reading. No one really cares what I put on my oatmeal. What can a real pizza operator gain from this?

Well, good new and bad news. I AM gonna tell you what I put on my oats. It’s just gonna happen. BUT I do want to bring information from other pizzaioli already offering a great selection of vegan options. How are they doing it? Why are they doing it? What should you think about when adding vegan? I want to look at what options are available for pizzeria owners and operators to offer a diverse vegan menu without throwing their operation into chaos. Recipes, products, methods and the like.

I’m also going to put up the list of ingredients I had to buy to get started. Recipes I may *ahem* appropriate along the way as well as talks with people who are inspiring and advising me in my fact-finding venture. You can watch my learning process as far as technique and methods for plant-based protein and recipe creation. I promise it will at least be as amusing as any cat videos you may find on the interwebs.

I also want to give readers the viewpoint of this experience through the eyes of a non-vegan. How I’m feeling. What I’m doing as far personal choices, locating meals to eat while out as well as finding and testing cost-effective and not too labor-intensive recipes for home.  I immediately became that guy in the office forcing all his coworkers to try vegan substitutes for meat and cheese, preaching the ingenuity of recipes, all while figuring out in the back of my head what I am going to eat my first day back from being vegan. Probably a pepperoni and basil pizza. Or a nice steak.

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