Which Way Pizza now serving breakfast

Which Way Pizza in Fort Collins, Colorado will begin serving Breakfast from 6:30a- 10:30a Daily (extended on the Weekend).
After getting a lot of positive feed back about the Breakfast Pizza which substitutes Biscuit Gravy for sauce and adds Scrambled Egg, Cheese and choices of Meats and Veggies and the weekend demand for our "Beermosas" they knew they had the makings of a good Breakfast Menu.
"We experimented with our Turbo Chef HhC 2020 oven and found we were able to use it to make Quiche, "Egg Scramblers",Biscuits and Gravy, French Toast, and Croissant Sandwiches," pizzeria representative Rodger Burton said. "Being in a College Town we knew the market was strong enough to add the 3rd meal and have great expectations of it's success."