What Central Pizzeria Reigns Supreme?

According to a news report from clubs.ccsu.edu, “College students have long forgotten the food pyramid that was so kindly presented on elementary school milk cartons. Pizza now reigns supreme as the food group. Of course, this is just stating the obvious. What Central students may not know is which establishment is the best place to get this grease-saturated delicacy.”

“This is where science, and a little personal taste, comes into play. Last Thursday evening 10 members of The Recorder staff gathered together to put eight local pizzerias to the test. We weighed college students’ biggest concern the most: time. Time is, well, of the essence. Everyone hates waiting an hour for a measly large cheese pizza to arrive at their dorm,” said the story. “Price was also a big factor, as most students do not have a lot of money to squander. Finally, a taste survey was given to all 10 people and then averaged out. Taste plays a little part since it is so subjective, but still must be considered and respected given the varied tastes in the room. The taste test was based on a scale from 1-10. For the sake of consistency, each place was called at the exact same time on eight different phones and all asked for a large cheese pizza.”

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