Weird Pizza Ingredients That Are Hard to Top

“From crocodile to caviar, it seems pizza lovers will throw just about anything on top of their beloved pies,” according to “So pass on the pepperoni, make room mushrooms, it’s time to tuck into some of the world’s weirdest pizza toppings:

Caviar, caviar and more caviar

Topped with four of the world’s priciest caviars, the “Luxury Pizza” will take a $1,000 slice of your savings. The decadent dish was the brainchild of New York restauranteur Nino Selimaj, who says well-heeled customers are quite willing to shell out for the prized pie. The four caviars involved are Imperial Special Reserve Persicus, Royal Sevruga, Alverta and Royal Transmontanus USA. And if that isn’t opulent enough for you, it’s finished with lobster tail, trout roe and wasabi.

Cookies, blueberry and shrimp

Cookies and shrimp sound like a match made in gastronomic hell, right? But hear us out because there’s logic to this sweet and savory madness. The shrimp sits on the flat, cheesy expanse on the pie along with raisins, potatoes and pumpkin seeds, while the blueberry comes in the form of a dipping sauce. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Just Eat website points out you treat the shrimp as your entree then tear off the cookie crust and dip it into the blueberry for your desert. It’s available in Mr. Pizza outlets across South Korea if you want a slice of the action.”