“We Support Our Troops”
December 8th, 2007
Kenton Michael Angelo’s Pizza

*****************CLARIFICATION *******************

This fundraiser will be taking place at our Kenton location on December 8th, 2007.

Limited oven capacity at our Rushsylvania location makes it hard for us to do events such as this. We just don’t have the capacity to handle a large increases in business all at once at our Rushsylvania location.

However, we are going to be offering for sale the “Fundraiser Rain Check” coupons for sale in Rushsylvania on Saturday December 8th, 2007.  These cards are good for an XLarge one topping pizza for only $9.99. They will be good for any day after 12/8/07 and don’t expire. 100% of all the proceeds of the cards sold in Rushsylvania will also go toward the fundraiser.

Pre-orders of five or more Fundraiser Rain Checks will be taken and will be available for pickup on 12/7/07 in the Rushsylvania store as well. Please contact me, Michael Shepherd, directly at 888-378-6488 to place a pre-order.

*****************CLARIFICATION *******************


On Saturday December 8th, 2007 Michael Angelo’s Pizza in Kenton, will host our 1st annual “We Support Our Troops” fundraiser event. Michael Angelo’s Pizza will donate 100% of all money generated by the sale of our pizza to:

1.Purchase international phone cards through the VFW Ohio Charities so that our brave men and women serving overseas can call home to their families during the Christmas season (phone calls home are at the expense of the troops and very costly).

2.Purchase a Christmas Dinner, gas cards, gift cards and so forth for recent veterans and those families that are left behind here in Hardin County and surrounding areas. – We need your help to identify these families!

Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 and intend on making this an annual event for as long as our troops are serving us abroad.

(Rushsylvania customers see how you can participate below)

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Don’t Have Time For Pizza? Not in the Mood For Pizza? …

""Then Buy a Fundraiser Rain Check!
While we hope for a huge turnout on December 8th, we understand that many people may have other plans, be out of town, or just not be in the mood for pizza that day. So will will be offering “rain check” coupons for our special that we will be running – an Xlarge Pizza with One topping for $9.99. This will allow you have your money go toward the fundraiser and then enjoy your pizza at your convenience.

These coupons will also make great Christmas gifts. Fundraiser rain checks will be available for sale on the day of the event only. However if you would like to place a pre-order for five or more rain checks we can have them ready for you to pickup on December 7th. If you are interested in a pre-order of five or more rain checks please contact me directly at 888-378-6488.

Rushsylvania Customers: While the fundraiser is taking place at our Kenton location, you can purchase the Fundraiser Rain Checks at the Rushsylvania location. They will be for sale all day on December 8th, 2007.


In addition to raising money, we are going to building a Christmas basket for our recent veterans and those families that are left behind while their Husbands/Wives/Moms/Dads are serving our country. We hope to fill these baskets full of free and discounted goods and services from local businesses.

We are all very blessed to live in the greatest nation on the earth – the United States of America, and I ask you to join in and help give those who fight to keep us safe a very big Thank You! Please contact me, Michael Shepherd, if you are a business owner and can help out by donating a product, gift card, service, cash or discount or in any way, shape or form at 419-673-7101 or my direct number 888-378-6488 or email me at michael@michael-angelos.com.

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