WavySquavyIt’s Just Plain Crazy!

Wavy…Squavy…It’s Just Plain Crazy!

Melrose Park, IL  –  Who knew that American Metalcraft would match the creativity of their Prestige Collection with equally creative product names?  Wavy Ceramic Platters…Squavy Porcelain Bowls… Sometimes this company is just too much!  But their product names are really dead-on.

Take the Wavy Ceramic Platters for instance.  They are just that!  Available in white, in two sizes (21″ x 13 ½” or 14 3/8″ x 8 ¾”), they showcase food presentations at tableside servings or banquet buffets.  Place either set of platters in one of American Metalcraft’s Ironworks stands and you’ve created a special presentation for breakfast, lunch or dinner buffets. 

Their Squavy Porcelain Bowls have been such a hit, American Metalcraft has added 4 new smaller sizes to the collection in 2008.  Now foodservice operators can present anything from salsa to pasta primavera in these cool bowls.  Capacities range from 1 ½ oz to 228 oz. 

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