Washington Debt Limit Impasse Boon For Pizza Deliveries

The National.ae reports, “Trying to stay away from the 72 percent relative humidity that had contributed to a blisteringly uncomfortable day in Washington on Friday, a half dozen employees of a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria were getting ready for another busy night in Capitol Hill.”

“Four blocs away, Senate Democrats were about to kill a House-passed debt limit increase bill less than two hours after it squeaked through the House. If agreement is not reached on raising the debt limit by Tuesday, the US risks a potentially catastrophic debt default. To meet the deadline, America’s elected representatives and their staffs have been working through the weekend. The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, has scheduled a vote for early this morning to break a Republican filibuster. The six employees at Pizza Holi’s have also been doing overtime. On Thursday, Pizza Holi’s had seen sales rise by 30 percent.”