Want a pizza the franchise action?

According to a news report from business.scotsman.com, “Pizzas and millionaires may not seem to have anything in common, but the hundreds of entrepreneurs who own a Domino’s franchise would beg to differ. One in five of Domino’s Pizzas franchisees has sold enough cheese and tomato-topped bases to earn at least £1m and the chain’s expansion across the UK shows no sign of abating, despite the credit crunch.”

“Domino’s is not alone, with statistics showing that franchise-based businesses are weathering the economic storm and experiencing significantly lower rates of failure than other start-ups,” said the story. “The British Franchise Association (BFA), the sector’s voluntary regulator, estimates around 80% of start-up businesses fail in their first year, while 93% of franchises are making a profit in that time.”

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