Wall Street-Area Pizza Shop Rakes In Dough From Hungry Protesters

"" reports, “The hundreds of anti-capitalist protesters gathered around Wall St. have been a bonanza for one local businessman who has been raking in the dough.”

“The owners of Liberatos Pizza have been cranking out pies for hungry demonstrators for the past three days with orders coming in from supporters across the globe. ‘They don’t even ask the price,’ said owner Telly Liberato. ‘A lot of passion over the phone, something that hasn’t been felt in a while.'”

“On Sunday, the Cedar St. pizza parlor sold 200 pies in just three hours and ran out of food completely before the day was out. On Monday, Liberato said they churned out 50 pies in 20 minutes at one point. ‘Momentum’s gaining,’ he said, adding that he was told the appeal of his restaurant was because its name sounded like liberation.”

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