VTEC INC. Partners With Virtual Life Systems to Provide Pizza Search and Ordering to Virtual Worlds
DELRAY BEACH, FL — 08/02/07 — VTEC INC. (PINKSHEETS: VTEC) is proud to announce a partnership with Virtual Life Systems (VLS), which is a premier provider of virtual world business marketing and development. VLS is developing virtual to real world business markets within the hugely popular virtual environments of Worlds.com, Whyville.com, Habbo.com, Cyworld.com, There.com, Webo.com, 3B.net, Kaneva.com, and the widely successful worlds of Warcraft, EverQuest and Secondlife.

Grey Wilson, Founder and CEO of VLS, said, “This was simply a no brainer for us. We are the perfect virtual world community developer and marketer to pioneer this phenomenal alliance.” It is a powerful alliance between VLS and VTEC which owns the internet properties of www.pizza.net, The World’s Largest Pizza Search Engine, and www.lookitsmeontv.com, which is a large children’s entertainment e-commerce site. Virtual worlds, also known as “massively multiplayer online role-playing games” (mmorpgs) are rapidly growing. Gamers play on average of 22 hours a week, while the average American spends around 8 1/2 hours a week eating.

Users within these virtual worlds will be able to visit an in-world pizza restaurant and order pizza from their favorite national or local pizza chain. Julie Reiser, President and CEO of VTEC INC., “We immediately saw the fit between Pizza.net (www.pizza.net) and VLS and are excited to be the premier Pizza restaurant locater for these huge virtual communities.” Reiser went on to say, “The internet is changing and growing at a very fast pace and to be a pioneer in this arena is extremely exciting, the idea of being able to play a virtual game and be completely immersed in this virtual world while feeling real hunger pains and having the ability to stop, pause or continue playing while ordering real pizza and having it delivered to your house steaming hot. This is just innovative and on the cutting edge of where the internet is going in the future. There are currently 53 million active users of these virtual communities with these numbers rapidly growing. For us to be able to leverage that kind of market will change the way people are buying real world products and the way advertisers go after this segment of the market.”


VTEC INC. (VTEC) was formed to acquire and create unique Internet enterprises that offer but are not limited to the expedited access to entertainment, food, financial services, travel, learning, news and targeted information, as well as innovative, intuitive consumer products through e-commerce. The company’s current Internet properties include www.lookitsmeontv.com offering numerous types of personalized products for children and www.pizza.net — the World’s Largest Pizza Search Engine with a 72,000 plus restaurant database where users can easily search by zip code, distance, and name.

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