Vikings eat free at Matt Kalil's pizza joint during training camp

Free pizza for a bunch of guys who weigh an average of about 300 pounds sounds like a recipe for a pizzeriato close itsdoors. But when the pizzeria owner is Minnesota Vikings tackle Matt Kalil, taking care of teammates is just the cost of doing business. reports Kalil, 300 pounds-plushimself, is treating his Vikings teammates to free food during training camp at his Pieologyrestaurant in Mankato, Minnesota.The Vikes have 21 players topping out atmore than 300 pounds.Along with Frank Kalil, hid dad, Matt owns threePieology Pizzeria outlets in Minnesota, including storesSt. Paul and Maple Grove. HisMankato shop, just block away from the practice field,only opened in October. This training camp marks Matt'sfirst chanceto feed his fellow footballers."If they bring their little keychain thing (that players have), they get to eat for free over there. It's a good deal," he says. So what's the up side for his Pieology business in free pizza for giant athletes?"If they go in there and the fans see them in there and we just end up getting more customers, it works out for both of us," Kaliladds.

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