Video: It's Yummy! It's Gummy! It's a 225-Pound Pizza Made Entirely of Candy

A 225-pound pizza made entirely of gummy candy may be the second best culinary innovation since, well, pizza (obviously).

Vat19, a company that specializes in novelty gifts, foods and candies, claims to have built the world’s largest gummy pizza, which measures three feet in length by two feet in width. Each slice weighs 28 pounds, the company says.

Casting a single master mold made of silicone, Derek Lawson, who calls himself the Gummy Bear Guy, crafted the confectionary oddity and topped it with a sweet smorgasbord of flavors: orange for the crust, strawberry-banana for the cheese, mango for the banana peppers, green apple for the olives, and cherry for the pepperoni slices.

Vat19 offered the slices for $149.99 and quickly sold out. Fortunately, gummy candy geeks can choose from other oddball treats like the “world’s largest gummy worm” (weighing in at 3 pounds), a platter of candy sushi, Dr. Pepper-flavored cotton candy, a variety of meat sticks made of elk and bison, and freeze-dried, ready-to-eat “astronaut ice cream.” Oh, and don’t forget to put in your order for a bag of unicorn farts.