Video Attraction Surpasses 2,000 Units

According to a press release, Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix are thrilled to announce they have shipped over 2,000 units of the mega blockbuster hit “Guitar Hero Arcade” since production started 3 months ago. 

As reported by Raw Thrills Distribution Network, Guitar Hero Arcade is turning in some really big collections in Arcades all across the country. The popularity of Guitar Hero Arcade is so strong, that many of the regional and national amusement facilities (movie theaters, FEC’s, LBE’s, bowling centers, amusement parks, big box retailers) have covered all their locations with at least one game and have doubled up in many others. Coinstar, the largest operator in Wal-Mart stated that the game set a benchmark that all other manufacturers are trying to emulate. “Guitar Hero Arcade is by far our number 1 collecting video game in all of our Wal-Mart stores.”

Capitalizing on the popularity of the game, operators have been successfully promoting local Guitar Hero™ Arcade Contests with players competing for prizes and top honors as the Best of the Band! Brown University radio station, WBRU, is running weekly Guitar Hero™ Arcade Contests on campus to offer a much needed break from the rigors of collegiate academia. More and more arcade events are beginning to pop up all over North American Amusement Centers.  

“The current pipeline of orders for Guitar Hero Arcade is growing daily and we have not experienced this type of excitement for a video game in a long time,” said Bob Boals Executive Vice President of Betson Enterprises.


North America is not the only country where Guitar Hero Arcade is a success. Spain, Italy, Germany, England, France, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, India, Middle East, Africa, China and Canada are also enjoying tremendous success with this product. Music is truly the universal language.