Ventureneer Offers Webinar to Overcome Fear of Budgeting, Cash Flow Analysis

New York, NY February, 5, 2010 — Small business owners often feel as if their finances are out of control. Cash flow — having cash on hand when the bills come due — may mean the difference between success and a “Going Out of Business” sign on the window.

Many small business owners try to wing it, or get their accountants or bookkeepers to give them estimates but it’s not about accounting or just writing checks. It’s about planning ahead.

To help small business owners take charge of cash flow and budgeting, is offering a free webinar, Know Your Numbers: Budgeting Matters (Even More) In This Economy. The webinar will be held from 12 noon to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, February 17. 

“To realize your business dream, you’ve got to set some goals; in this webinar you’ll learn not only how to set them, you’ll have some fun doing it,” says Alan Siege.

“You don’t have to be a math whiz or a computer genius to take charge of your cash flow,” says Geri Stengel, founder/owner of “With the right tools, small business owners can easily forecast and manage their cash flow. This webinar will give them the tools, and take away the fear of budgeting.”

Any small business owner whose enterprise has struggled to meet expenses will benefit from this free webinar. With the tools provided, the owners of a small businesses will:

  • Learn how to use cash flow analysis and budgeting to understand where money is going.
  • Figure out why their own cash flow is out of whack.
  • Learn how to meet revenue targets.
  • Gain the confidence to tackle numbers, no matter how uncomfortable they might be now.
  • Take home sample templates to use with their own businesses.
  • Learn to create simple forecasts of cash flow that can easily be changed as events change or can be changed to evaluate the effects of different courses of action.

This interactive webinar will be taught by Alan Siege, CEO/Owner, Small Business Management Consulting, which specializes in small business advice. He is an instructor for the NYC Department of Small Business Services Entrepreneur Boot Camp as well as being an adjunct professor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College and at New York University.

To learn more about the webinar or to register, visit Ventureneer’s website

About Geri Stengel 
Geri is founder of Ventureneer, an online education and peer support service. An adjunct professor at The New School, she honed her online experience at companies like Dow Jones and Physicians’ Online. Geri co-founded the Women’s Leadership Exchange and is president of Stengel Solutions, a consulting service for social-impact organizations.

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