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Quarantine With a Vampire: Pizza Delivery Service Comes With Immersive Game

Vampires love pizza, too—hold the garlic, of course. And for Los Angeles-area consumers who love both, Vampire Pizza offers an at-home interactive dining experience they can really sink their fangs into, all while safely self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

Josh Sugarman, the chief experience officer for Ravel, developed the mysterious Vampire Pizza concept with L.A.’s Ghost Pizza Kitchen, and it’s custom-made for vampire genre fans and story game aficionados quarantined at home. Described as “an immersive pop-up restaurant delivered to your door,” Vampire Pizza is a collaboration between pizza makers, artists and storytellers.

Customers can order from a limited menu of pizzas and will also receive a character- and clues-based game kit for up to four players.

Customers can place their orders online and select a delivery date and time. The “Party of 2 Vampires” package, priced at $32.99 per player, comes with one medium pizza, one salad, dessert and a game kit allowing “passage into Belle’s world of vampires.” The four-person package costs $27.99 per person and includes two pizzas, two salads and dessert as well as the game kit.

Vampire Pizza’s website and Facebook page are intriguingly secretive and stingy with details about the game, but says it comes “complete with mysterious clues and puzzles to solve along with those slices” along with “some pretty snazzy packaging.”