Scalable Software Platform Allows for Real-Time, Restaurant-Wide Head-to-Head and Team Game Play and Sets Stage for Restaurant-to-Restaurant Competition

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–uWink, Inc. (OTCBB:UWKI), a developer of digital media entertainment software and an interactive restaurant concept, today announced the launch of its real-time, multiplayer game platform, that allows for restaurant-wide, head-to-head and team game play, greatly enhancing customer interaction.

The first game to be featured on uWink’s new game platform, uWink Trivia Live, allows patrons throughout the restaurant to play a multiple-choice trivia game against one another in real-time (including real-time scoring), either head-to-head individually or in teams, using uWink’s proprietary tabletop touchscreen terminals. The game scoring and results are projected on the walls of the restaurant in real time, making the game a truly immersive experience.

“We are very excited about the successful launch of our real-time, multiplayer game platform; not only does it increase face-to-face social interactivity and fun, it also sets the stage for restaurant-to-restaurant game play, and we look forward to extending the platform to online game play as well,” said Nolan Bushnell, CEO of uWink.

Future games to be featured on the platform include uWink Scene Investigation (uWink’s riff on the popular CSI television series), Xingo (a mashup of bowling and bingo) and Picture Perfect, uWink’s popular “find the differences” game.

uWink’s new game platform also allows uWink to run a myriad of unique in-person tournament and multi-player prize games. uWink plans to open its platform to 3rd party developers in the near future.

About uWink:

The uWink restaurant concept allows customers to order food, drinks, games and other digital media at the table through proprietary touchscreen terminals. uWink, Inc. is led by entertainment and restaurant visionary Nolan Bushnell. For more information: .

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