SPONSORED CONTENT — Pizza customers are now tracking their delivery from the time it leaves the restaurant until it arrives at their front door using OnnaWay. This has solved the constant problem of customers asking "Where's my pizza?" With Onnaway, pizza companies let customers see their pizza delivery driver on a map and get an ETA via text link.  Pizza chains like Pizza Hut, Dominos, and other pizza companies are reporting great success with the tracking system. 

They key component to OnnaWay is in its simplicity that customers never download anything.  A simple text link to a customers phone and they are on their way to track their delivery. Pizza companies are also reporting seeing more positive reviews on Yelp since using OnnaWay. "Customer satisfaction skyrockets when customers know where their pizza is and exactly when it will arrive. When your service improves in the eyes of the customer, sales go up. And all this is happening without the company doing any additional work." said CEO Arthur Andreasyan of OnnaWay.

In addition to allowing customers to track their order, pizza companies are also using the system to track their own drivers and dispatch orders to them. The system has streamlined their delivery operation and allowed it to grow faster.

OnnaWay is currently offering a 14 Day Free Trial. Visit OnnaWay.com or call 888-667-4999 to get your company started.

For more information on OnnaWay, go to their website. Read more about OnnaWay in PMQ.com.

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