Urbanspoon sold for a rumored $60M to India's Zomato

Pizzerias are heavy users of online restaurant discovery services and Urbanspoon's sale to India-basedZomatois sure to shake up the pizza scene nationwide.

Eater.com breaks the news that Zomatois purchasingtheSeattle-based restaurant review and reservation site Urbanspoon.According to Geek Wire, the move is an attempt to advance the company's positionin the U.S.Zomato — which was founded in New Delhi in 2008 — currently operates in more than 130 cities across 20 countries. There are over330,000restaurants listed on the site. An anonymous source tells Geek Wire that Zomato may fork over as much as$60 millionfor the company and that Urbanspoon's current CEO Keela Robison will depart as part of the deal. Urbanspoon recently underwenta site redesign.

TechCrunch notesthat Zomato is different from other sites like OpenTable, Yelp, and Trip Advisor in that the menu data it acquires is re-checked in person by a team member every three months to make sure that it is up-to-date.

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