Upcoming Campaign Launches the Irresistible Fresh California Avocado

Irvine CA (January 2007)—Beginning in March, foodservice operations across the nation will see a new California Avocado tag line: Irresistible Fresh California Avocados. While the popular fruit’s fans have long accepted the irresistible need to add fresh avocado to dishes ranging from sandwiches to sushi, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) has made the adjective an official part of the California Avocado brand. To give the announcement maximum impact and to build awareness for the Irresistible Fresh California Avocado tag in retail and foodservice, CAC will launch the “California Avocado Irresistible Challenge” campaign in February 2007. 
          The California Avocado Irresistible Challenge is a fully integrated effort across CAC’s multiple platforms: advertising, online, merchandising, public relations and foodservice. With the objective of familiarizing consumers with the irresistible qualities of Fresh California Avocados, CAC invites avocado lovers to visit a dedicated micro-site (CaliforniaAvocado.com) and play an interactive game measuring “irresistibility.” Each player has the option to enter a sweepstakes drawing to win one of three hybrid cars.
.         For more information on the new Irresistible Fresh California Avocado campaign, visit CaliorniaAvocados.com.