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Unregular Pizza Creates the ‘Burrapumpkin’ for Halloween

This bread-based holiday treat is "a whole burrata dressed up as a pumpkin" for Halloween.

  • Unregular Pizza will offer the Burrapumpkin, featuring burrata, pumpkin cream and guanciale, throughout the upcoming Halloween weekend.
  • A video featuring the Burrapumpkin has gotten 843 likes and 85 comments on Instagram.

Who needs yet another jack-o-lantern pizza when you’ve got a burrata treat like the Burrapumpkin? That’s the name of a new Halloween-themed specialty item offered at Unregular Pizza in New York City, and it looks amazing.

Unregular Pizza’s Instagram account describes the Burrapumpkin as “a whole burrata dressed up as a pumpkin-looking bread.” This version of a stuffed garlic knot boasts rich, creamy burrata, pumpkin cream and guanciale pebbles.

A recent Instagram reel featuring the Burrapumpkin has received 843 likes and 85 comments so far. A second reel has garnered 283 likes and 31 comments. The specialty item also won moneymaking shout-outs from both TimeOut and Secret NYC on Monday, October 24.

Selling for $10.31, the Burrapumpkin was first offered over the weekend of October 22-23 and returns this coming weekend, October 29-30, and on Halloween Day.

As PMQ has previously reported, Gabriele Lamonaca opened Unregular Pizza in mid-May 2021. The pandemic-era concept started out in Lamonaca’s home kitchen in Harlem, where he built a huge Instagram following and became known for swapping his pizzas for other homemade foods instead of charging money for them. He partnered with pizza/pastry chef Salvatore Gagliardo to open their brick-and-mortar pizzeria in NYC’s Union Square.

Unregular Pizza’s menu includes Roman-style square pies, sandwiches and entrees like Chicken Parm, Chicken Vodka and Meatballs. The restaurant also offers two vegan pizzas and the plant-based Vegan Chicken Parm.