According to a news report from, “Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation (Pink Sheets:UPZS), a Delaware Corporation, is delighted to announce that the new, highly anticipated pizza and sub boxes have now been produced and are in the process of being delivered to Unique Pizza and Subs’ food distributor. The new boxes should start making their way into Unique Pizza and Subs franchises over the next month or so. These new boxes definitely separate Unique Pizza and Subs from the current boxes being used by other major franchises and aim to create a new standard in the industry.”

“The new boxes are printed with CMYK printing that produces a photo quality print on the top, bottom, and sides of the boxes. Unique Pizza and Subs’ logo extends over the edges on the top of the pizza boxes creating ‘Unique’ venting. The bottom of the box has a picture of one of the many specialty pizzas which compares the size of a competitor’s pizza to Unique Pizza and Subs in order to help inform customers to order by the size not the number of slices,” said the story.

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