According to a news report from, “Cosmo and DeAnne Gentile never owned a pizzeria before. Before March, the closest corporation they owned was a deli. But today the duo is sprucing up Ronizo’s Pizza in the Memorial Union.”

“The Gentiles, an employee at Citizens Bank and a nurse, have always been interested in buying and selling businesses,” said the story. “It’s always been a hobby of ours,” Cosmo said. The new owners, both 43, officially took over the business in March with the assistance of a broker, but it’s only been in the last two weeks they have been making their presence felt around the shop next to Union Express. Because the pizzeria is a franchise, changes to the menu wouldn’t be major. The main, and most likely the only change, will be the specials. Cosmo said he’d like to host a wing night and offer new pizza options. But what the owners do plan on changing is the decor. They have already repainted the place and there are plans for new carpeting, along with new tables and chairs.”

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