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New System from Unified Office Spots Technology Problems Before They Happen

Unified Office, Inc. has launched a new IoT (Internet of Things) service that will let restaurant owners identify and solve costly problems with their equipment and technology before they happen. The cutting-edge system automates and optimizes the restaurant’s infrastructure, food safety, operations and compliance, the company said in a press release.

Unified Office, a leading managed services provider offering highly reliable, cloud-based business communications services, IoT services, and business analytics, has introduced the Total Connect Now Operational Performance Suite (TCNOPS). Its real-time tracking and alerts enable restaurant operators to manage refrigeration, prep tables, oven exhaust, thermostats, air conditioners, safe doors, security and video systems, and other mission-critical functions.

TCNOPS prevents losses and interruptions, helping to ensure regulatory compliance and supporting their brands, according to Unified Office.

“Before installing TCNOPS, knowing the temperatures of our store equipment meant having to go onsite to physically check each location, which can be very time-consuming and can take away from the customer experience,” said Rob Scheiper, a Domino’s franchise owner. “Now, with TCNOPS, our supply chain can be more proactive than reactive. We can educate our partners, helping them to spot issues before they happen, rather than after there is a problem.”

“I can easily access the portal and see all of the equipment temperature levels and view other indicators and the walk-in door status, without having to be onsite!” Scheiper added. “This enables us to review multiple locations more efficiently and act on anything that is not within our specifications. And where time is money, TCNOPS is helping us save time and increase revenue along the way! It will also save us thousands in food waste.”

TCNOPS utilizes Unified Office’s Visual Performance Suite and monitors and analyzes IoT data collected from sensors and other internal intelligence. It is predictive in nature and can proactively spot subtle underlying changes in devices under management and report on them before they suffer a potential outage.

Benefits include:

  • Increased battery quality and reliability
  • 10-year battery life
  • New industrial-grade sensors
  • Predictive analysis helps identify component failures before they occur and alerts management.
  • Loss prevention—for example, you will know if your freezer door was left open.
  • Supply chain education—predictive analytics assist your HVAC contractors in proactively identifying potential problem areas needing attention.
  • Real-time operational analytics utilizing Unified Office’s Visual Performance Suite (VPSTM)
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance for state and local health departments
  • Integrated with Total Connect NowSM, Unified Office’s award-winning business communications service, utilizing its highly reliable and resilient HQRPTM over-the-top transmission network
  • Data available from the Operational Management Portal on any device, anywhere, at any time