Umberto’s Pizza Gets Police Escort To LaGuardia For Giants Lunch Delivery

""“Since the Giants devour pizzas from Long Island’s Umberto’s after every Friday practice, you wouldn’t think a little four hour flight would stop them while they’re in Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, right? Except the Giants aren’t going to be returning to New York for their weekly meal, they’re having it delivered to them—never underestimate the power of superstition when it comes to the sports set. But what’s really absurd is that the pizzas just got a police escort to LaGuardia Airport!”

A reporter for the NFL Tweeted this morning: Pizza from Umberto’s on Long Island got a police escort to LaGuardia, checked on a plane to Indy, will be served to Giants post-practice.” The pies were sent in custom-made, heat-retaining bags, and got a quick push through airport security via some special arrangements that were made. We just spoke to Anthony at Umberto’s, who tells us the Giants got an assortment of pies, with a delivery that included their Grandma pies, Regular, Sicilian, Pazzo, and Buffalo. He says the pizza is in the air right now, and he confirmed the Giants should be eating the still hot slices sometime around noon Friday. According to the NY Post, the three times they’ve had to go without the pizza this season, they’ve lost.


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