First brewed and released as a draught only brand in 1994, Uinta Brewing Company's Trader IPA was a trailblazer in the Session IPA category, a category that, at the time, was far from a trend.  In 1996, Uinta purchased their first bottling line and Trader made its way in to a bottle and on to retail shelves across Utah.

Twenty years later, the Trader brand continues to be a successful brand for Uinta.  To continue their history of keeping Trader's packaging relevant to their offerings, Uinta introduces Trader Session IPA Cans.  Trader Compass Cans are expected  to hit all of Uinta's current distribution networks in June, 2014.

A beer that exemplifies the term 'session', Trader is a noted for its bright hop character and balance.  In a time where Session beers, and Session IPA's in particular, are becoming a popular segment in the craft industry, Uinta is excited to celebrate and expand distribution of Trader a brand that showcases Uinta's 21 years of experience in brewing consistent, full-flavored session (and non-session) beers.


Uinta Brewing Company embarked upon its mission of brewing world class, full-flavored, craft-brewed beer in 1993.  Uinta is named after the only major east-west running mountain range located in the continental U.S. Since 1993, Uinta Brewing has created world class, full-flavored, craft-brewed beer ranging from 4.0% to over 13% alcohol by volume. The Uinta team comprised of outdoor and beer enthusiasts, brews a variety of beer organized in to three distinct lines; the Classic Line, Organic Line, and the Crooked Line.

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