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UC Berkeley organization claims Domino's Pizza exploits rape of cows

Everybody agrees that cheesy, gooey pizza is great, right? Not some protesting students at UC Berkley who are attacking Domino's decision to thank dairy cows on its pizza boxes for their contribution to the company's pies. reports that Berkley's Organization for Animal Advocacy (BOAA) says thanking cows for milk is “animal exploitation.” Members of the animal rights group gathered outside a local Domino’s Pizza recently to protest the chain’s latest pizza box design, which they claim endorses the ‘rape and forcible impregnation’ of dairy cows. Printed atop pizza boxes, the design thanks dairy cows for their milk since it’s a necessary ingredient in most Domino’s pizzas. For one hour, roughly 20 students stationed themselves in front of the popular pizza chain equipped with a variety of signs which read: “milk comes from grieving mothers,” “dairy cows are exploited for their breast milk,” and “all animals deserve to be free.”

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