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U.S. Pizza Team welcomes newest sponsor

The U.S. Pizza Team would like to welcome its newest sponsor, Founded by former pizzeria owner/operator Jason Upton, is the only insurance agency created by a pizzeria operator for pizzeria operators. It is the official insurance company of the U.S. Pizza Team and can serve any insurance need for pizzerias nationwide. will help send the U.S. Pizza Team to Parma, Italy, to compete in the World Pizza Championships. This year’s team will consist of 15 pizzaiolos competing in events ranging from Traditional Culinary to Freestyle Dough Acrobatics.

The U.S. Pizza Team appreciates the generosity of its sponsors, enabling them to compete worldwide and to continue to spread the word of pizza and pizza competitions to the masses. The U.S. Pizza Team consists of expert pizza makers and dough-spinning acrobatic performers from pizza restaurants across the United States. The squad won the Team Acrobatics World Championship in Salsomaggiore, Italy, in 2011.

PMQ Pizza Magazine, the leading national trade publication for the pizza restaurant industry, created the U.S. Pizza Team in 2000. For more details about the USPT or the World Pizza Championships, visit USPizzaTeam.comor or contact Brian Hernandez at or 662-234-5481, ext. 129.