U.S. Pizza Market Continues to be a Huge Contributor

“CHD Expert is America’s leader in collecting, managing and analyzing data in the Away-From-Home Foodservice market, and they predict a steady flow of pizza orders in the year to come. Most Americans would tell you that pizza is not a cornerstone of a well-rounded diet, but their wallets indicate otherwise, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The away-from-home pizza market represents a staggering $46 billion in retail sales per year across the United States, making up 9.5% of the US commercial foodservice market. Not only do Americans love their pizza, but they love their pizza right now. Limited service restaurants accounted for 83% of the market (in number of operators), while full service restaurants rounded out the final 17%.”

“Limited service restaurants also accounted for roughly 72% of the consumer dollars spent in pizza restaurant sales totaling $33 billion in retail sales. More importantly to manufacturers and distributors, limited service restaurants spent $11 billion on foods, beverages and disposables purchases compared to just $3.5 billion spent by the full service restaurants.”

“Although pizza, at its most simple is dough, sauce and cheese there is so much more that goes into a good pizza pie. Despite these three common ingredients pizza can be extremely different regionally, and consumers know that not all pizza is created equal. The numbers indicate that Americans either like the unique independents, or the tried and true big chains. From the crust, to the toppings and sauces, independents dominate the market with a 56% share, serving their own takes on the classic pie. The large chains, despite their ability to offer multiple styles, multiple price points and delivery are only in second place with a 30.5% market share. Combine the two sub-segments and the independents and the large chains comprise 86.4% of the market.”