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U.S. Corrugated Will Make 12 million Pizza Boxes Per Year for Donatos

“Most people probably are not too concerned about where the box is made when they order their favorite pizza. But the box is big business U.S. Corrugated, especially since it now will make pizza boxes for Donatos,”¬†according to the Lanacaster Eagle Gazette.

“U.S. Corrugated will produce 11,950,000 boxes per year, which equals 14 million feet of corrugated cardboard.

“For us, it’s about $2 million worth of revenue per year,” company general manager Richard Morgan said. “It’s more jobs and probably more equipment for our facility. It’s an exciting partnership, and it’s great to bring business back to the region.”

Morgan said the company will add another shift for the Donatos job, which will mean about five or six additional workers at first. He said the additional revenue will mean added job security for the 124 employees at the plant.”