SPRINGDALE, Ark. (June 2008)– Foodservice operators are trying to keep food costs down and customer counts up in an economy where price increases outpace wage increases and where consumers are spending less because the basics are costing more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wholesale food prices rose 7.6% in 2007, the highest one-year jump in a generation (27 years), while menu prices grew at half the rate, just 3.7% overall. According to Technomic data, in 2007, 100% of manufacturers took price increases, with an average increase of 6%. The economic picture and cost situation have combined to cause a “perfect storm” in the industry.


Tyson Food Service is committed to helping operators during these tough times with its Ideas @ the Heart of Values series, a six-volume web-based program of newsletters and microsites. Each volume addresses a value proposition and offers menuing ideas and downloadable merchandising materials to support the users’ promotion of value items on their menus.

In an era of responsible spending, consumers are looking for ways to strike a balance between their appetites and their wallets. Luxury Meets Value is the second platform in the series and features a collection of menuing ideas and companion merchandising materials, designed to help create more luxurious menu appeal with minimal or no impact on margins or prices.


To explore the second edition of Ideas @ the Heart of Value, sign up for future volumes, and to access all of the menuing ideas, complete recipe information, menu descriptions, and downloadable merchandising materials, visit www.luxurymeetsvalue.net.

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